anna produces storytelling work across all theatrical disciplines.  she has particular experience in developing music theatre, opera and site-specific work.  (but if the right play comes along, she won't say no.)  if you'd like a chat about producing your work, get in touch here.

These Wondering Stones

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"By Clare Elton and Lila Palmer

First produced by Anna Pool and Barbican in 2019.

“Catch the spinning tale of what was lost in your misdeed….”."


The mysterious weaver of Cloth Fair spends her days weaving the fabric of the City of London’s rich history, every thread of every life bound together in a magnificent, shimmering, perfect tapestry.


That is, until  Lettice accidentally rips a hole as long as the Thames itself, right through the tapestry’s heart.  Lettice and our audience must complete an epic quest down Cloth Fair and through the churchyard of St Bartholomew the Great, as she attempts to gather the stories of the Londoners who lives she has torn apart. 



nominated for a new british music theatre award 2016

First produced by workshopera and anna pool 2015.

second production and revival in 2016 produced by workshopera, tete a tete & egg LDN

Welcome to Paradaezia! The best and most debaucherous of clubs, where all the brightest boys of paradise come to wile away their nights in pleasure.

A trio of friends – Twink, Cub and Fag Hag – will soon discover its dizzying highs.

But as Twink is led astray through a maze of drink, drugs and darkrooms, he also be about to discover the lows?




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By max pappenheim and Lila Palmer

First produced by Anna Pool, trebah gardens and hall for cornwall 2018

The birds of the world have gathered- join the quest to find the legendary simorgh bird.  Could it mean a new leader and a new life?  a feather-fuelled musical adventure using headphone technology and persian epic poetry.

"A truly magical experience"- Cornwall 365

"The landscape performance event of the year"- Cornwall Living

seeking new partners for further development and production. 

by anusree roy

World Premiere produced by anna pool, workshopera and the finborough theatre 2016


India, 1947. Six women, 3 Muslim and 3 Hindu, hide inside a coal truck as it speeds through the newly  divided Hindustan. Nothing will prevent Alia getting to West Bengal. she will have revenge for what they have done.

Anusree Roy's play about the shattering upheaval of India's partition is a timely reminder of all that has gone before and an extraordinary opportunity to explore the lives women caught in the cross fire.

"theatre of the highest calibre... deserves its West End debut imminently *****”- The Upcoming"

"you owe it to yourselves to get out there and see it. Now.”- A Younger Theatre

"Anna pool's production is as taught as it is ferocious,"- the reviews hub

seeking new partners for further development and production.

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