Tete a Tete/EGG LDN/workshOPERA 2015/16

"A unique brand of theatre that has the potential to deconstruct and revitalise the world of opera and theatre"

-A Younger Theatre

"Truly genre-breaking."

- Bachtrack

Director:  Anna Pool

Producers:  workshOPERA, Anna Pool & Tete a Tete

Composer:  Vahan Salorian

Set Design:  Maciej Krajewski

Costume Design:  Maddy Rita Faye

Lighting:  Jack Weir 

Photography:  Claire Shovelton

Cast included:  Iestyn Morris, Guy Elliot, Piran Legg, Samuel Carl, Jack Holton, Adam O'Shea, Emily Kyte, Holly Marie Bingham, Carlos Gomez, Jean-Max Latteman, Edward Mas Bacardit

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